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waste collection

$18.00/month  with a price reducing referral program


If you've ever tried composting your food waste


We're here to change that.​

We've partnered with the best composters in the

industry to keep your food waste out of landfills  

STEP 1- place your food waste into your black indoor bin's compostable bag liner (bags included with service!)

STEP 2- when compostable bag is full tie it, remove it from indoor bin, and place it in green outdoor bin. Repeat!

STEP 3- we'll empty your green outdoor bin weekly on your designated day

That's it! No mess, no work, no problem.

Oh yeah... Step 4- We bring you back finished compost in spring if you want it for your garden or lawn!*                                              *compost delivered annually each spring, one 50-lb bag per customer

Common Good Compost makes the entire home composting process easy, clean, and convenient. Just put your food waste in the provided bins and we'll collect it weekly. We work with two state-certified commercial composting facilities to turn it into a rich organic soil amendment. We'll even bring you back some in the spring when its ready for your garden or lawn. 

We provide you with everything you need to start composting! Its a lifestyle change that you will feel great about. The kit you get (for free!) includes a specially made bin for under the sink, on the counter, in the fridge, or wherever works for you- with unlimited compostable liners to make the entire process clean and odor free. The system works, trust us- many of our customers have been composting with us for years and you can too.


We're doing our part, and hope you're on board to make a small change to your life that will make a big change for our planet...

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