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Common Good Compost LLC was founded by Greeley native Geoffrey Schmidt to provide the city and surrounding areas with a convenient way to convert organic 'waste' into organic fertilizer. Geoff recognized a need for sustainable practices in his home town and is working to expand the service range throughout Colorado. CGC helps people complete the food circle by returning a portion of the compost made from their food waste, allowing them to use their waste to grow more food. CGC is currently working with A1 Organics to ensure that all collected waste is properly composted to the highest industry standards.

Since its founding in 2014 CGC has diverted over two million pounds of food waste from local landfills.


Mission Statement

Our goal at Common Good Compost is to substantially reduce the environmental impact of homes and businesses by diverting their organic waste from local landfills and converting it into an organic fertilizer. We are here to make composting easy for anyone.

You separate it, we haul it, and nature makes it good again!



Common Good Compost (CGC) is the first full-circle residential food waste collection service in Northern Colorado. We provide all the necessary equipment for our customers to significantly reduce the amount of waste they send to local landfills. Separating and storing organic waste can now be done in an easy, convenient, and affordable way. Organic waste is first collected by customers in specially made indoor compost bins and when the bin is full just remove the compostable bag and place it in the outdoor bin. We will collect the contents of the outdoor bin every week and work with nature to turn it into a high-quality soil amendment for your garden!


Why not compost on your own?

Home composting is a fantastic idea! CGC's primary mission is waste reduction to benefit the common good. Diverting materials from landfills helps us all and composting is an excellent way to accomplish waste diversion, but the composting process does require time, equipment, space, know-how, and effort. With Common Good Compost it just takes a few dollars a month- we take care of everything else.  Allowing CGC to manage the composting process for you has the following benefits:

  • Minimal effort- Simply sort your compostables and let us do the rest.

  • Broader range of inputs- By mixing the organic waste of numerous households and businesses a CGC's compost has broader range of input materials which means higher quality finished compost.

  • Lab tested quality- All of CGC's finished compost is lab tested to ensure quality. Such testing is not economical for individual composters.



Nothing decomposes in landfills

A common misconception is that organic waste will decompose in a landfill. The natural decomposition process of organic matter requires oxygen and water for necessary bacteria and micro-organisms to thrive. Landfills are oxygen-free environments so organic waste is just that- waste.

Methane gas- CO2’s partner in crime

While organic matter in landfills does not decompose into anything useful for nature, it does release methane gas which is 25 times more harmful to the environment than CO2.

Reduce your environmental impact and SEE the results!

Every Common Good Compost customer will receive free finished compost for personal use



Not everything organic belongs in the compost bin


While most materials that once contained some kind of life will eventually decompose, some things should be excluded from the bins.

  • Large amounts of meat and bones can attract pests

  • Diseased plant matter can contaminate compost

  • Animal waste can carry pathogens not suitable for compost

  • Cardboard and paper lined with plastic does not compost well




Nature goes straight to work when you compost organic matter

  • Unlike recycling synthetic materials, organic matter can be converted into a useful product with very little energy input. Food waste and other high-nitrogen materials are combined with dry high-carbon materials like dead leaves, grass, and shredded paper and sawdust. CGC works with Alpine Waste and Recycling to ensure that all collected waste is properly composted to the highest industry standards. 

  • Once the optimal carbon to nitrogen ratio is obtained, nature takes over in the form of bacteria, micro-organisms, and insects to break down, consume, and digest organic matter.

  • What’s left in the end is a nutrient-rich material that can be added to soil as a conditioner. Finished compost helps soil retain moisture and provides a completely organic nutrient food source for plants.



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Geoffrey B. Schmidt

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